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A guy with a camera, and an undying fascination with content, social trends, and attention.


A passionate storyteller

Filmmaker // Digital Marketer // Social Strategist

Student of storytelling, marketing, entrepreneurship, technology, art, people, culture, and the world.

24 years old, originally from Boston, MA. Currently working at Accenture Interactive.

Circa 2015 – “The truth is, I’m not sure exactly what work will show up on here, or how it will progress, but what I can promise is a story of a kid with a passion just trying to produce good work. So if you’re reading these words, this is a very sincere, million thank you’s for checking out my website.  This took months and months of work, so I really hope you enjoy it.”

My commercial filmmaking and photography career began four years ago when one of my videos went viral.

Having spent countless hours learning how to shoot, and even more late nights hunched over my computer struggling to make sense of editing programs, I could never get myself to share anything online; people getting to quietly judge the things I poured my heart into scared me.

I took a shot and released the video. With 1,300 shares in the first week and nods from a couple big blogs, I felt a weight leave my shoulders. It was huge for me, a big affirmation in what I was making. That film led me to my first real client project ever, a branding video for a budding blogging platform for travelers.

From there it went, and I finally felt ready to unveil work. I launched this site in early 2015.

Things snowballed into an online marketing internship at a top technology and communications company, where I had one major takeaway. My passion for visual storytelling had a name in the marketing and media world:


I had always been obsessed with the intersection of art, science, and technology. But, to think the world of digital marketing also layered on human nature and communication elements…? I couldn’t think of anything more fascinating and wanted in.

Riding a wave of assurance, I helped launched a volunteerism arm of my business school after identifying a gap in our socially-conscious brand image. I then graduated with a BBA in Marketing and a minor in Economics, dug my head deep in the research world around digital marketing, and built my own digital storytelling company to 10 consistent clients soon after.

Now I find myself at Accenture Interactive, the world’s largest digital agency and a progressive-thinking arm of a large consulting firm.

Don’t get me wrong – this is the highlight reel – there have been many ups and downs. But, I’m loving the journey more than the destination! This website is 110% a life-long creative project to document it all, share my work, and improve. It means the world that you’re stopping by.

I’m always looking to collaborate and make something awesome. If you have a project in mind, let me know here.

Thank you so much for checking out my website. If you have a project in mind, reach out and let's make something awesome.

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