I can guarantee you won’t expect this ending. New focal flows. 40 hours of editing got me to a minute and three quarters… 🙂 The premise of these is to synthesize both the subtleties of the music and what we see around us to try to come up with something new.

Safakash – Deep Inside (Unofficial video)

Currently doing a 365 Photo Series every day on my instagram @alexrosier —

This weekend I had a bad writers/editors/something-er’s block and couldn’t figure out how exactly I wanted to tell the story of The Month’s Before Corporate episode. I really want to make these right, and wasn’t stoked about where I was at. But, trying to keep up the uploads with a video every week so I reverted to what felt comfy. For me, that’s putting footage to music. The new episode MBC video is coming though, I PROMISE.

Really appreciate the support on this channel recently, keep spreading the word if you enjoy these videos, it means a lot because they take TIME!! 🙂

Spoken poem was mine:
Every day
every moment
every second
has a story
but the second every day
becomes just another
is when it all gets boring
See the devil’s in monotony
And the beauty lies in subtlety
So go outside
and realize
how to break the pane
of mediocrity

Shot, 2015, with my old trusty Canon 60D.
Edited, 2016, entirely in Premiere Pro.
Music by Safakash, check his soundcloud