Liquid sunshine; 2 years in the making.

 I’ve found myself revisit this moment enough for me to want to write about it here. Maybe I’ve manufactured the meaning in my head, or maybe I was meant to do so.  Either way, this 10 second clip has always made me think.

I remember the day. Having just bought a new lens and far too eager to consider the rain, I set off to Lexington, MA to shoot. 2 steps into the woods, I slipped and fell into a thorn bush. I watched intently as my thumb brewed a mischievous red.

Curiosity, not me, pinched the wound’s opposing outskirts together forcefully.  Out came a single, perfectly spherical droplet.


Among millions of other minutemen falling from the sky, this redcoat pounded the earth and it was mine.

And it hit me:

If you don’t pinch to take what you think is yours, if you don’t make a splash, your dream, your difference, will forever remain hidden to the world.